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A world free of poverty is possible…

When we reimagine the powerful force of hope and what it can do.

Poverty isn’t just a lack of resources. Often, even after resources are available, poverty lingers. Why is that? And can anything be done to help?

It might feel hopeless, but it’s not. You can make a meaningful difference once you understand the missing piece you can offer.

Full of inspiration and actionable steps for every Christian who wants their contributions to make a significant difference, this guide will help you create “all-in” hope that can change lives and end poverty.

When you buy Hope Realized you are taking a step to bring hope to others as 50% of the royalties will be invested in NicaWorks!.

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Hope Realized

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Harness the Powerful Force of Hope with Easy Action Steps

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    James H. Belt III is the owner and president of Belt Enterprises, Inc. A church leader and missionary, he witnessed the realities of poverty firsthand in Nicaragua. While living there, he served as the field director for NicaWorks!, an organization that creates community-led change to build a hopeful present and future for the vulnerable. His experience, paired with his commitment to helping others thrive, inspires his hope-filled, world-changing approach to fighting poverty.


    Discover the World-Changing Power of Hope


    Living a River Life

    Living a River Life

    There is something about a river. Where there is flowing water, there is life. What can this life-producing picture from nature teach us about living?

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    Producing Hope Overflow

    Producing Hope Overflow

    When you are hope-filled, the hope you have tends to overflow. When you are intentional about giving it away, more people become hope-filled, generating more hope overflow.

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