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Learn why poverty is not a hopeless situation and why (or how) you have what it takes to make a difference.

Poverty isn’t just a lack of resources. Often, even after resources are available, poverty lingers. Why is that? And can anything be done to help? The problem is bigger than a lack of resources, wealth, or education.

A lie of hopelessness is holding people captive, preventing them from moving forward, and perpetuating global poverty. It might feel hopeless, but it’s not. You can make a meaningful difference once you understand the missing piece you can offer. From rural Nicaraguan towns to large American cities, business and church leader.

When you buy Hope Realized you are taking a step to bring hope to others as 50% of the royalties will be invested in NicaWorks!

In Hope Realized, You’ll Discover…


A new perspective on why economic inequality exists

And how to go beyond traditional missionary and volunteer work to end it.


True stories of the hopelessness ensnaring the poor

In self-perpetuating pockets of intergenerational poverty, homelessness, and underprivilege.


The incredible power of practical and spiritual hope

To overcome poverty, whether in your city or across the world.


Inspiring Bible passages

To help you transform your own faith and privilege into hope and identity for others.


Practical outreach and community project ideas

That will empower people to fulfill their God-given potential. We need more than surface-level hope to create impactful change. Get Hope Realized and start fighting the lie of hopelessness and poverty with all-in hope.


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Just by buying Hope Realized you are taking a step to bring hope to others as 50% of the royalties     from your purchase will be invested in NicaWorks! and other organizations committed to using             all-in hope to change lives.